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9 May 17:30Kistagången 6, 164 92 Kista, Sweden

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The Cyber Security profession needs women, because preventing the most severe breaches can’t be done by tapping into only 50 % of the talent pool. We need 100 %.  Are you in? 

Imagine your files have been encrypted and must be restored. Mistakes will lead to immediate destruction of data and the attack is spreading. You must respond - now! 

This is the reality for Cyber Security professionals, and this will be the reality for you - if you attend this event.

 Welcome to an Escape-Room style night with IBM to get puzzled! Attending this event will also give you a chance to receive a spot in the C-TOC truck - a security simulation centre on wheels visiting Kista. Watch it here!

Security doesn’t need more tools.  It needs new rules! Come and get to know us!

Food and drinks will be served.

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IBM’s description: IBM wants to contribute to making the world smarter. Did you know, for example that IBM invented the barcode? Or that we developed the hard drive? Today, IBM is, above all, a consulting company with a great deal of expertise in many different areas. IBM develops everything from smarter transport, trade and food to smarter management, healthcare and school, through, among other things, AI, Blockchain and secure cloud solutions. 

DataTjej’s description: DataTjej is a non profit organization that strives to support women and non binary of all ages interested in IT and data. We aim to improve the relationship between students and businesses, as well as between our members. Throughout the year we organize events such as inspiring lectures and business events. DataTjej is mostly known for its yearly conference where companies and members get the opportunity to network. 

DataTjej’s Policy: DataTjej has a strict policy when signing up for an event. If you sign up and don't show up or cancel later than 24 hours before the event, it can affect your possibility to attend the DataTjej conference and other events held by us in the future.

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